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Since 1976, ECOBIOS Italy performs mainly in CAPRI (Italy), where it produces natural, harmless and safe marine microorganisms, and in ROME, in its administrative offices that include an annexed research and development laboratory.  The natural bacteria's biodegrading property  allows for application and efficiency in many depolluting sectors, including treatment of  crude oil and its derivatives, bioremediation of contaminated soils and bio-filtration of air. Moreover, ECOBIOS is concerned with the planning, supervision of the construction and management of industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants, also offering a specialistic consultation services in order to improve the service economy: INCONTESTABLE example is the possibility of re-using discharge waters and the non-production of sludge to be digested in sewage disposal!


ECOBIOS has a highly innovative biotechnology, called Biocatalysis, studied and patented by Professor Roberto BLUNDO (Fulbright Junior and Senior at the University of Texas) jointly with prof. C.O. OPPENHEIMER. Tanks to a consortium of selected NATURAL marine microrganisms in synergy with a BiocatalystNATURAL and own produced, this biotechnology accelerates the clean-up activity so to allow hyper sensitive fishes, such as the Rainbow Trout and the Mediterranean Sturgeon (continuos test of ichthyo-toxicity), to live into the treated water. Moreover, this biotechnology does not produce any sludge so to drastically reduce carriage and disposal costs.



LEICA Microscope  picture (1200 MG. interferential phase contrast) : it is possible to see the aggression from a consortium of natural marine bacteria on the surface of oil drops ( ECOBIOSEA ): Pseudomonas Oleovorans;P. Hydrophobicus; P. Lipoliticus



ECOBIOS Italia, Srl (founded in 1976) & ECOBIOS Texas, Inc. (since 1982)

ENVIRONMENTAL Micro-BIOENGINEERING - 82, Circonvallazione Clodia - ROME (00195)
ADMINISTRATIVE Office - Tel. +39 06 37515108 - Fax +39 06 3725318
LABORATORY Production: Largo Fontana 56 (Marina Grande) CAPRI (80073) - Tel. +39 081 8373234
SCIENTIFIC R&D and Gen. Mng.: Prof. Robert A. BLUNDO (B.Eng, M.Biol, Ph.D) - (Mobile) +39 3207413370
ENGINEERING: Dr. Luciano CANNAVALE - (Mobile phone) +39 338 2863913


e-mail: ecobios@blundo.it